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Ohanami - cherry-blossom viewing

It is now cherry-blossom viewing season in Japan.
In spring, we enjoy "ohanami". It means cherry-blossom viewing.
On a week day, we go to see the cherry blossoms after work.
This picture is taken in the evening.
I went on a cherry viewing picnic with my co-workers on the last Thursday(4/5). It was very fun and I drunk too much..


Election of Governor

Today is a day of Election of Governor.

Now, the governor of Tokyo is Shintaro Ishihara. He runs for a third four-year term as governor.

There was a ringing endorsement of him, but now many people has a dissatisfaction with him because it was found that he had used too much money for political activities.

The picture is "Dr. Nakamatsu" who is one of candidates for governor.He is famous for inventing "floppy disk".

His achievement was amazing, but It's not always true that a succeeded person is elected.

The result will be uncovered until tomorrow.